Django Developers Guild

Welcome to the Django Developers Guild, a community for developers who use or are interested in learning the Django web framework.

Our goal is to connect developers of all skill levels and provide a platform for sharing knowledge, discussing best practices, and building projects together. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started with Django, we invite you to join us for our online meetups, in-person events, and other community-building activities.

Let's learn and grow together as we build the future of web development with Django.

Who should join?

Anyone who is interested in the Django web framework — Students, Freshers, Interns, Professionals (Junior to Super seniors), Web agency owners, Startup founders and/or CTOs.

What happens at the events?

  1. Talk 1: Beginner
    For students and freshers (20 mins).
  2. Talk 2: Intermediate
    For Junior to Mid-level devs (20 mins).
  3. Talk 3: Advanced
    For experienced professionals (20 mins).
  4. Lightning talks
    3 slots (10 mins each)
  5. QA session
    Open discussion (30 mins)
  6. Networking

How to join?

See our Events page for details.


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