Monthly Meet – February 2023

IST (UTC+0530)

In this month's Django Developers Guild meetup, we will discuss three topics – one each for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.


  1. Beginner: How to ask for help in online communities
  2. Intermediate: The difference between PROJECT_HOME and WORKON_HOME in virtualenvwrapper.
  3. Advanced: Avoiding permission errors in data migrations.
  4. Lightning talks - 3 slots (10 mins each)
  5. QA session - 30 mins

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in the Django web framework — Students, Freshers, Interns, Professionals (Junior to Super seniors), Web agency owners, Startup founders and CTOs can attend the online event.

Please email magesh (at) webinative (dot) com if you're interested in giving a lightning talk, and include any relevant details.